How It Works

1. Choose from three layouts

Standard Design


Text Focus

*open to preview layout

2. Select fonts and colors

*after registration, you’ll receive a design worksheet to personalize your layout

3. Personalize with your details, products, and photos.

*sample site made with Web-Share

4. Pay monthly, cancel whenever, come back anytime.

*open to view rates and cost breakdown

After registration, you receive:

  • Web-Share Agreement
  • Work Session Calendar
  • Website Design Worksheet
  • Comparison Research Worksheet
  • Story-Brand Worksheet

What can you do now?

  • Review Web-Share layouts and sample site
  • Start planning how you want your website to look
  • Develop and/or collect brand materials (logos, photos)
  • Research peers and mentors to find websites you love
  • Connect with Tech-Share for additional tech support